Is Gender Fluid?  Is there any such thing as male and female?  Tim asks Michael about it in this podcast.

Michael delves into the brain science behind boys and pornography and how we can help our boys from becoming addicted to it.

Dr. Michael Gurian and Tim Wright are joined by Special Guest Dr. Gregg Jantz as they talk about recent school shootings and boys.

Dr Gurian gives an overview of his newest book: The Minds of Girls.

Michael talks with Tim Wright about Christmas through the lens of faith and brain science research.

Is Masculinity Toxic?  Tim asks Michael.

Tim and Michael talk about the lives of boys.                                              

Tim interviews Grammy Award Winning singer BJ Thomas.           

Tim interviews best-selling author Shaunti Feldhahn.                               

Tim interviews Stan Moser, who was in the heart of the early days of the Contemporary Christian Music movement.

Michael and Tim talk about the need for rites of passage for our boys and girls and practical ways to implement them.

Michael looks past ideologies to how boys are wired to emote and how we can help them do so in healthy ways.                           

Dr. Gurian talks about how to build resiliency in our girls.                                                                                                                                                

Tim asks Dr. Gurian what he would do if he were…the father of a boy, a teacher of a boy, a school administrator, etc

Michael talks about how rituals and traditions positively impact the brain.

Tim interviews Michael on his brain based insights into girls.

Tim asks Michael to talk about the unique ways boys and girls learn and relate to the world.

Tim continues his interview with award winning artist BJ Thomas

Tim continues his interview with Shaunti looking at how men and women relate to each other.

Tim continues his interview with Stan looking at the impact of CCM on culture and vise versa.